Factory Five Racing

Address 9 Tow Road, Dept. KC Wareham, MA 02571
Phone 5082913443
Website www.factoryfive.com
Description Manufactures 5.0 Mustang-based ’65 roadster kits (Cobra 427 S/C replica), the Mark III, Spec racers, a coupe (Daytona replica), GT Spyder convertible, and mid-engine GTM-2000 Supercar. All are based on custom FFR chassis. 65 Roadster: kit—$12,990, Coupe: kit—call for pricing, GT Spyder: kit—call for pricing, Spec Racer: kit—call for pricing

Company Cars

Kit Car Name

Produces Kit

Builds Kit

FFR 65 Roadster Mark III True False
FFR Challenge Series Racer True False
FFR Type 65 Coupe True False
GTM True False