Veleno Make Super Car
Price 18500
Rating 8
What ever fits on the MR2 chassis. Can use stock or even an American V8.
Depends on engine, could be stock or Porsche G50 if a V8 is being used.
This is a very exotic looking car with mid mounted engine. It basically falls into supercar categories though it runs on an MR2 chassis so is limited. This car will turn heads.
The standard kit comprises of chassis, body, glass and all sundry brackets, gear cable extensions etc. This kit, in addition to an MR2 donor car, is all the parts you need to build your supercar. All you need extra is a good set of wheels and a paint job to match the quality and fabulous looks of this truly unique supercar. If you want to upgrade to Stage 2, the kit will also contain We have also developed a space frame chassis with its own suspension that can be adapted to suit most technology. So far we have fitted a customer's turbo charged Toyota 3-litre engine with a Porsche gearbox, and for another fitted a transverse 2500 (24 Valve) Ford engine into this chassis. this will cost about 19000 more.




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