1935 - 1963 3 Window Ford Coupe

1935 - 1963 3 Window Ford Coupe Make Classic Coupe
Price 14900
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Nice looking classic coupe replica. Chassis available.
1-Piece Body (oven cured, hand laminated, no blistering, no odor) 1-Piece Floor, installed (set up for conventional or suspension airbags) Enlarged floor tunnel (for transmission, driveline) Recessed Fire Wall (accepts big or small block) Steel Inner Framework (extensive water jet cut, steel plate for safety. Diagram upon request) Filled Cowl Doors, Installed and Latched (3-piece, like factory) Stock Door Hinges, installed Bear Claw Latches/posts & Stock indoor handles Bronze cast Hinges & Stainless steel pins Deck Lid, installed (trunk) Top (2" chop with filled roof) Power Windows Installed Smooth Running Boards (2) Rear Fenders (2) Front Fenders ('35/'36 style with extensions or '35/'36 style fenders for '37 style headlights) White Ash Mounting Strips for upholstery




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