59' Roadster

59 Make Classic Roadster
Price 39500
Rating 6
URL www.hitekhotrods.com/59_roadster/
Chevy V8
What ever links to the engine.
95 Corvette replica built on a custom chassis with custom fiberglass. A completely new car that looks like the original.
The replica body is made from a high grade ISO resin and gel coat thus proving greater flex, impact strength, higher heat distortion temperature, and less chance of shrinkage or warping. The ISO primer sanding gel is designed for ease of sanding and better paint adhesion. All doors and deck lids are hung on steel in order to provide longer, stronger and trouble-free usage. Complete your body package with a modern day 2x4 mandrel bent frame. Passageways for the exhaust system through the frame allows for a lower stance but yet maintains ground clearance.




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