Phantom SE

Phantom SE Make Lamborghini Diablo
Price 12000
Rating 7
Depends on Chassis option. If you go with a fiero chassis, then what ever engine you can put in your fiero. A custom, replica chassis is available in which a V8 or better could be mounted.
Same goes here, if you use a fiero base, then the fiero drive train applies, if you were to get the replica chassis, then the drive train would have to accomadate your V8 or better, the Porsche G50 is a good option.
This car is very realistic. IFG has done a good job making this kit appear to be a Lamborghini Diablo 6.0. With the addition of the replica chassis, this can be a awesome, good performing machine. The interior is very realistic and overall it looks like a good kit.
The kit comes wtih body panels put together on some sort of sub frame with windows, doors and lights mounted. It also comes with a very realistic interior package. No chassis, engine or drivetrain is provided though a replica chassis can be purchased that will fit for an addition amount. 10 - 14K.




I.F.G. / Imaginary Fiberglass True True