S3 Roadster

S3 Roadster Make Lotus 7
Price 17999
Rating 9
URL www.birkin.com.au/Birkin_S3_Roadster.php
Installation kits are available for a wide range of engines including the Toyota 4AGE (16 and 20 valve), the Toyota 1ZZ and 2ZZ, the Toyota 3SGE, the Ford Zetec, and the latest Ford Duratec. However, current Australian emission legislation limits engine selection depending on the state in which the vehicle is to be registered.
Standard gearbox fitment is the Ford Type 9, 5 Speed which is readily available, compact and robust. Spares are locally available and a wide range of performance transmission components
One of the most complete kits and known kit car companies on earth. The car looks great and is a blast to drive according to many happy customers. A bit on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. They are based in Australia so shipping may be a worry. A very authentic replica.
The kit can be purchased in stages for a slow builder and is based on parts from a few different cars. There are several options which can change the price of the car. The kit materials and design is very sound and looks great. Very well engineered.




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