1932 3 Window Coupe

1932 3 Window Coupe Make Classic Coupe
Price 24000
Rating 6
URL www.brookville-roadster.com/3WINDOWCOUPE/infopage.htm
Any front engine rear drive setup should work. This kit is not designed for a specific setup.
The drive train will need to match the engine selection. Once again, this kit is not designed for a specific setup.
A good looking early 30's coupe with an authentic look and a look of quality. The company appears to be solid and have sold over 200 kits so they should be around. They also seem like they will help out. Not much for incremental builds and on the expensive side, but it appears you get what you pay for.
The kit seems complete with the exception of a engine and drive train. Chassis and body are included and no donor is neccessary.




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