mirage s

mirage s Make Lamborghini Countach
Price 9995
Rating 7
URL www.euroworksexotics.com/mirages.htm
Fiero base, if you can put a v8 in your fiero, then a v8 otherwise stock I4 or V6.
The drive train is the drive train your fiero has. Stock 5 speed, 4 speed or auto. Could have a porsche or audi gearbox if you install a v8 in your fiero.
This is a Countach kit that has a very close likeness to the original. The fiberglass seems to finish well in the photos on their site and from what I have read, they are rather dependable and a good company all around. They also have no streach options though it looks like most of their pictures are steached. The mirage k interior matches that of the Countach rather well I feel.
Everything to complete your Mirage K Body (except wheels, tires and steel). This means you must provide your Fiero driving Fiero.




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