Hurricane Motorsports 427

Hurricane Motorsports 427 Make AC Cobra
Price 15900
Rating 7
Replica 427 V8.
Owners Choice
This is a complete "donorless" kit that includes all of the pieces* that you will be needing to build a high quality 427 replica. From the ground up, this kit is designed to be easy to build without requiring specialized skills such as welding, fiberglass work, metal bending, etc. This kit can be built with standard shop tools. And because the body can be installed at the end of the build, assembly and painting is greatly simplified.
new parts (no donor required) * no fiberglass bonding - all panels come pre-bonded a body that is removable to simplify the build and painting process (e.g. "go-kart" style) a custom, jig-welded, ladder style frame correct body lines - no "creative license" has been taken with the shape of the body or the wheelbase support for both small and big block Ford engines tubular A-arm independent front suspension heim joint 3-link rear suspension (adjustable) with panhard bar shortened Ford 9" rear end with 31 spline axles Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) available with outboard brakes. coilover shocks on all 4 corners 4 wheel disc brakes custom wiring harness




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