HERITAGE ‘29 Model-A

HERITAGE ‘29 Model-A Make Classic Coupe
Price 12995
Rating 5
URL www.heritagehotrods.com/index20062.htm
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No Specifics
The Model A Ford was one of the first models, along with the Model T, that hot rodders rebuilt or modified during the origins of hot rodding. Allow us to help get you started building your memories of yesteryear into an American staple, the weekend cruise. Whether you want to turn heads in town, race out to a show, take the kids or grandkids for a spin, or create an excuse for some quality time in the garage...Heritage Hot Rods can get you started."
All of the above, all ash hardwood reinforcement installed, doors hinged with safety latches installed, trunk lid hung, all steel reinforcement installed and attached to wood before bonding in. All body mounts set in steel.




Heritage AF Limited True True