HERITAGE ‘39 Lincoln Zephyr Fastback

HERITAGE ‘39 Lincoln Zephyr Fastback Make Classic Coupe
Price 23999
Rating 6
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When Edsel Ford led the Ford Company to purchase the Lincoln Motor Company he would have never envisioned the Heritage chopped top ’39 Zephyr. The 3 window business coupe is not only slick but offers enough room for a couple of those small grand kids in the back as well as a cooler in the trunk. The ’39 Zephyr is available as an assembled roller.
It comes with the following: Assembled body including main body shell, front and rear fenders , Core mat reinforced floor , Trunk and door skins and inner liners , dash, Doors hinged, latched and adjusted, "suicide fashion" and equipped with electric openers, windows are installed with power operators , Trunk hinged , Windshield and rear glass provided not installed , Hood is not installed , Motor, transmission, brake and master cylinder mounts , Rear disc brakes. The components are installed with steel reinforcement attached to ash hardwood. The floor is secured to the chassis. The body is mounted on a deluxe rolling chassis which includes a narrowed 9" rear end with resplined axles, new bearings, seals, 4 bar suspension, round tube X-member independent front end with 2" drop spindles.




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