Hawk HF2000/HF3000 Series

Hawk HF2000/HF3000 Series Make One of a Kind
Price 20000
Rating 6
URL www.hawkcars.co.uk/hf3000/index.html
Ferrari 246 or 308 engine, or Alfa Romeo 164 engine , or Lancia Thema Turbo engine, or Lancia Beta engine.
Gearbox to match your engine.
Less familiar to some, this futuristic-looking Hawk HF series kit car is based on a famous design of sports car that was used in motorsport in the seventies. The uncompromising two-seater, mid-engined layout gives excellent handling and the competition-bred design of this kit gives the driver an almost unique motoring experience. These cars have had the highest acclamation from all sections of the motoring press for not only their quality and visual accuracy but also for their excellent balance and handling characteristics. These features combine to make ownership of what is undeniably an aesthetically beautiful body form, also a great delight to drive.
The kits include the superbly engineered chassis, with integral roll cage, body tub, floors and bulkheads all fitted. The various wishbones, steering arms, rear hub-carriers, radius arms, rose joints and nylatron bushes etc. are also included to enable the rolling chassis to be completed. Starter kits are available, where the remainder of the bodywork and window glass are purchased later when the car is ready for them to be fitted. For other kits these components are included in the original purchase price. It can be seen from the above list just how comprehensive these kits are and therefore what excellent value they represent when compared to many others that offer only the very bare essentials within the kit.




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