Spyder Make One of a Kind
Price 16000
Rating 7
URL www.gtmcars.com/spyder.php
1.8 4 cyl K series
5 Speed Manual
Like the Libra the Spyder is a very special car, designed and built for the enthusiast who wants a true convertible sportscar that can be driven without compromise. The Spyder came three years after the launch of the highly successful Libra, benefiting from all the innovations that had been tried and tested in the production of the Libra. Many of the detail components used on the Libra are carried through into the Spyder plus many more that have been made specifically to create the stunning looks of this mid-engined convertible. The original concept of a minimalist design, low component count, with emphasis on performance and aesthetics have been retained in the creation of the Spyder.
The attention to detail goes down to the smallest item. Seats, door locks, panel fasteners etc. have all been designed, tooled, and manufactured as the standard items were seen to compromise the total design ethos. Above all the Spyder was designed to be driven. Its light weight, combined with the high power outputs of the 'K' series and Honda engines, makes a truly exhilarating car to drive.




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