Libra Make One of a Kind
Price 20000
Rating 5
Rover 'K' Series 1400cc - 2500cc KV6
Honda Transmission
The Libra is a very special car, designed and constructed as no other road car in the world today to give outstanding performance and driver pleasure. Its composite construction is closer to the current F1 cars than the tube and fibre glass panels of its competitors.
The tub provides an immensely strong yet incredibly light structure in which the driver and passenger sit surrounded by a composite roll cage for their protection. It provides the mounting points for the front and rear suspension. There are no subframes or spaceframes - the suspension bolts directly into the composite tub. GTM designed and manufactured its own test equipment to determine the composite structure required to take the considerable suspension loads, this is typical of the care and attention that has been given to every aspect of the design. The steering rack and steering column bolt directly to the tub without the requirement for further bracketry.




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