Welcome to the Home of Mr. Kit Car

One would think that a self proclaimed Mr. Kit Car would be an expert at building kit cars. Well, this isn't quite how I would define myself. I would like to be that expert one day, but for now I am quite novice. The knowledge I do bring to the table is that of a kit car entusiast who surfs internet and magazine to find every kit car company and what they have to offer. I have compiled this list of cars and companies through endless nights of searching. I feel the best way to enter the kit car community at this point is to put my list of companies and cars out here for all to see and use.

How to Use This Site

If you are a kit car manufacturer or company that is listed on this site and would like your information changed, or a kit car company that is not on this site but would like to be added, please contact me at heathisely@gmail.com.

If you are a kit car builder who would like to advertise your building company in my list please email me your information including address, name, models you will build and prices so I can update my listing.

If you are a fellow enthusiast who wants to share stories, I would like to start an experiences section for the site. Please email me you stories.

If anyone is interested in selling a kit car, I will gladly put together a for sale section for this site. Let me know if anyone is interested.

If any company, builders, or enthusiast would like a website to show off or sell their stuff, let me konw as I develop websites for a living.